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Whats the difference between Classic, Hybrid, Light & Heavy Volume and Mega Volume?

Check out the Lash & Brows Services Page for a detailed explanation on each service.

Is there an age limit to getting eyelash extensions?

Yes 16 years of age and for anyone under the age of 18 we will need consent from an adult guardian before lashes can be applied. While some salons may allow before the age of 16, most insurance won’t cover it. 

How Long Will My Eye Lash Extensions Last?

This will vary due to your lifestyle and the care you take looking after your eyelash extensions. We will give you plenty of information and tips to help you extend the life of your eyelash extensions.

Depending on personal health, skin conditions, age, routine, activities AND the skill of the lash technician lashes can lash between 3-6 weeks (Reasonably full not 1 or 2 left). On average most full looking lashes lash between 3-4 weeks.

At LashDash we do a full assessment of your lashes, skin issues and can give you a fair idea based off your circumstances.

Will You Guide Me To Choose The Right Lashes?

Yes, upon the first appointment the technician will assess your experience, run you through your options to ensure what you get suits your lifestyle, personality, and lash health. For first-timers many start with either a Classic ( heavy lash per natural lash) or a Hybrid (mix of light lashes and Classic lashes).

Unless expressly stated we always choose lengths and thicknesses we deem healthy for your existing natural lashes. If you want a more dramatic look for a party or event that may cause damage to your existing lashes, your lash tech will warn you of the possibility and once you begin to get signs of lash damage will recommend a recovery routine (Either lash extension break with supplements or serum or applying lighter lashes in the interim)

How do I wash my lashes?

Lash Shampoo Is the best way to wash any oils or makeup. Like hair and skin, lashes also need good hygiene practices.  To not wash them can cause build-up of bacteria that can affect your delicate eye area or cause irritation to your eyes. Using an approved Lash Shampoo for your eyes will include NO OILs or ALCOHOLs in its ingredients. Using a very soft makeup brush to wash them is recommended. 

However, LashDash recognizes that many clients get lashes to have a low maintenance beauty routine, and adding another one may be unrealistic. At a minimum, it is recommended you rinse your lashes with water in the shower. The occasional facial wash using your existing cleanser once a week won’t cause too much degradation of the lash glue.

An alternative to Lash Shampoo is finding a shop cleanser the has no OILs or ALCOHOLs in its ingredients.  Unless you know how to read the back of a bottle and understand what each ingredient is, it may be difficult to determine. Suggestions from your local supermarket are Neutrogena’s Foaming Facial wash

Is very well priced between $5-10 a bottle and personally I have used this when having a quick wash in the shower or quick makeup removal. It is not as good as Lash Shampoo but certainly a good everyday alternative. 

Diluted Baby Shampoo was a past solution and it is better than most cleansers. It still will degrade your lash glue faster than the suggestions above. 

I had a bad experience once now my lashes have never been the same. 

Incorrect Even if a technician ripped out every single lash during the session, your lashes will grow back to whatever your personal health circumstances are at the time. Unlike the 90’s when we plucked out brows to destruction Lashes, nails, and head hair do always return to the strength of your current health. Just like when we take a break from Acrylics and work on our personal health our nails go hard and strong again.

As we get older, change in circumstances, new medications, shedding cycles, our hair begins to thin, and skin begins to lose collagen, elastin, and so on.

From general experience ages, 16-28 seem to recover and regrow lashes quickly. From 28-40 the lash cycle regrowth seems to slow down. After 40+ noticeable thinning of brows and lashes seem to become thinner and less. The technician should create a Lash Set that suits your personal circumstances.   

Can I get my eyelash extensions wet?

Yes. Just not within 24 hours of getting them applied. After that you’re welcome to get them wet in the shower, swimming, sweating etc. However please refer to the list of how to manage lashes when you get them wet.


SHOWER: You can wet them in the shower, just try not to drench for long periods in very Hot Water. Steam and glue aren’t good friends, so if you expose them to steam for long periods you may risk losing more lashes faster.

SWIMMING: You can certainly go swimming.  If swimming in a chlorine pool, rinse your lashes with tap water as soon as possible afterward. This is the same for Salt Water. 

HOT YOGA OR STEAM ROOMS: You can still have lash extensions but be aware that there is a risk of them not lasting as long as someone who doesn’t use steam rooms. 

How Often Should I Refill My Lashes?

Every 2, 3, or 4 weeks depending on your retention rate. These refills cost a lot less than a full set and keep you looking a million dollars. It is recommended you return for a minimum 3-week refill after your first full set so that the technician can assess your lash growth, any issues you may have had, and adjust the session and your lash care routine accordingly. Everyone’s lash cycles are different, some natural lashes fall out every 3-4 weeks, 6… even 8 weeks depending on personal circumstances. 

New medications, oily skin, dry skin, age, routine, stress, and many other aspects can affect how often you may need a refill.

Can I refill Eye Lash Extensions not placed by LashDash?

Yes and No. LashDash can’t guarantee the work done by other technicians however we are happy to have a look at the quality of work done. If the lashes are very good quality, then the technician may decide to not do a full removal and charge accordingly. Due to some lesser quality work you could experience discomfort, lashes stuck together, or lash damage. 

Do I need to have a break from Lash Extensions?

Yes and No. It depends on your desired look. 

No. You can have lashes every day if you want to! Depending on the skill of your technician they can create a lash design and recipe that will NOT damage your lashes, and if they do get signs of degradation they should be able to adjust your recipe to suit so that they recover. 

A huge problem with the lash and beauty industry is that many Salons are a 1 size fits all. You don’t get a consultation, you just ask for a service and they tell you to get on the bed and when you open your eyes you hope that they’ve done the right thing. At LashDash we assess every client individually and to create a recipe that will ensure you are able to have that look for as long as you want to wake up that way.

Sometimes we get it wrong If for some reason an incorrect assessment has been made and on your refill, we recognize that perhaps the previous session has caused damage or notice any irritations or problem areas the technician is trained to be upfront with you and adjust the recipe to ensure you still leave with a full set of lashes and the appropriate recovery method. 

Yes  So you LOVE those heavy to mega volume looks or maybe you’ve got a big event and want to turn heads in a room. You can certainly have that. The only problem is your natural lashes are limited to how much weight they can carry for long periods of time. Everyone is different in how much weight they can carry for certain periods of time. LashDash technicians are experienced enough to guesstimate how long this maybe. Eventually Heavy Volume and Mega Volume will cause some damage to your lashes and either changing to a shorter or lighter recipe may be required or a Lash Extension break.

Lashes regrow approximately every 6-8 weeks. To get a full recovery often will take 2-3 months in total. 

Glue sensitivities or Lash itchiness or irritations.

This is rare but can happen. Despite all best efforts occasionally some clients will experience either Glue Sensitivities or Itchiness on the lash line. 

There are many reasons this may occur. The Lash Technician is trained to problem solve why this may happen. 

Number one reason it may have in salon is that the eye sometimes can be slightly open during the session (some clients despite thinking their eyes are completely closed the technician can still sometimes see the whites of their eyes) and the Glue Fumes are seeping in. This is not a permanent issue and should heal within 30 minutes of the session or at the latest within 24 hours. 

If you are still experiencing pain please contact LashDash as soon as possible for a consult about what to do. 

Occasionally you may experience a sensation of “cutting onions teariness” especially around steam or in the shower. Whatever your solution for dealing with “onion gas” we suggest doing the same, or patting your eyes dry, or using a damp cloth on them. 

Soreness on your eyelid or lash line itchiness is a sign of one of 2 things.

  1. Your skin doesn’t like the sensation of fake lashes touching the skin (this is common with “asian eyes” or “monolid” type eyes). This can be rectified by the technician by ensuring that notes are taken and the next time you come in the lashes are placed 1-2mm further away from your lash line. 
  2. You have multiple lashes stuck together! This can happen either during the salon session or due to poor lash maintenance. It didn’t hurt when you left the salon, but now the lashes have grown and are pulling on your skin. This can lead to gaps or damage to your natural lashes. Please contact your technician as soon as possible. 

You are one of the few people allergic to the main ingredient in Lash Glue  Cyanoacrylate There are many, many lash glues out there and almost all will contain this ingredient. There are also sensitive glues on the market however most will not have as good retention as the more standard glues.

At LashDash we use Aquila (During the warmer months) and London Brows (During winter) depending on the humidity. While it is possible to use a sensitive glue, if you are very sensitive to the glues unfortunately it would be our recommendation that you try an alternative to Lash Extensions as even the sensitive glues still contain cyanoacrylate, just less of it.

Essentially the technician will still be applying the ingredient you’re allergic to, just in a lesser dose, which is not recommended. Alternatives include lash lifts and tints or improving your lash health with supplements or serums to help your lashes grow longer.  

Payment Information

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Card (Paywave, manual entry, and card inset) is preferred we also accept Cash, and Afterpay (For amounts over $100) is available. Bank transfer is only available for existing customers